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Would we have a chance for a usda loan?

Me and my husband have suffered a foreclosure almost 5 years ago and other blemishes on our credit. The house we want to buy is in a USDA area but needs repairs like paint and flooring. Would we have a chance with 10% down.

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Would you recommend a USDA home loan?

Im trying to buy my first home. What type of loan would be best? FHA, USDA, or a regular mortgage?

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What would happen if we did away with FHA loans?

Do you think the housing market would crash?
People will actually have to have 10% to 20% down to buy a house.

Also do away with VA loans and USDA rural loans which require 0% down.
What would the impact be? Devastating?

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What would payments be on a 200k home USDA loan washington?

Can anyone direct me to any articles, calculators or tell me how much monthly payments would be on a 200k home with a usda rural housing loan.

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How would I become a Distressed Prop expert in MI? nd is it worth it to take the $600 2-day courses?

I am currently a college student working in the bank. I am looking for a way to help pay for school and thought CDPE would be intersting in this market. I have a minor in math nd was wondering if anyone could tell me if it’d be worth it become a certified property expert nd what would be the best way to go about it? thank you!

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