Tampa Bay New Homes – Buy New and Save

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Tampa Bay New Homes – Buy New and Save


Looking to buy a home but can’t find what you are looking for?

Buying a home is big step both financially and emotionally and finding the perfect came be quite daunting at times.   The lack of homes on the market, homes with structural and cosmetic issues, financing, and competition all play major roles in today’s market, not to mention short sales, foreclosures, and renovation properties.    Trying to find the perfect home with all these obstacles definitely doesn’t make it any easier.  As a realtor I have worked with many home buyers, both first time home owners and seasoned home owners and I know the frustrations that they encounter.  One thing I have found is that after looking at pre-owned homes there is almost always something that the buyers either want to or have to change to fit their liking, that is where a new home can fit the bill quite nicely.  A new home offers many advantages to a pre-owned home, such as little maintenance, modern amenities, builders and structural warranties, customization, seller paid closing cost, and financing options, plus many more.  The whole buying process is simplified and less stressful for the buyer and can actually be quite enjoyable especially when you can customize the home to their liking, like with flooring option, cabinetry, counter tops, etc.  Buying a new home is also less costly because you don’t have to have home inspections done, they are already done, closing costs are generally paid by the builder also.   With communities that have 100% financing available you can literally buy a new house with no out of pocket expense, other than the earnest money deposit and even that can be credited back at closing.

If you are looking to find your perfect home, give me a call.  There are many new home communities available in the Tampa Bay area and I’ll be happy to send you information and show the homes and communities to you.  Click here to submit your info Learn More

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