Tampa Credit Repair – Pay After Deletion Credit Repair

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Tampa Credit Repair – Pay After Deletion Credit Repair

By Dave Overholser

Pay After Deletion Credit Repair, Are You a Good Candidate?

The Typical Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Customer, Is this you?

  • Sick and tired of living with bad credit?
  • Frustrated that your life is more expensive because of high interest rates and fees due to your bad credit?
  • Been turned down for a better job with more income just because you have bad credit?
  • Unable to fund your own business because your credit stinks?

The Fears of a Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Customer, Is this you?

  • Scared about investing thousands of dollars upfront with a credit repair company without really knowing if they will be able to help you?
  • Worried about having to pay monthly fees that can drag on for years without knowing if you will get actual results?
  • Wondering if the money you are about to give to that nice stranger will grow legs and disappear?
  • Tired of wasting your valuable time waiting for items to be removed from your credit report?
  • Nervous about running into a professional scammer who will take you money and just disappear?
  • Curious as to whether the company you are about to pay a fortune to actually has a clue about credit repair?

The Solution We Provide To The Typical Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Customer, This Could be You!

  • 100% CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act) Compliant – We Only Charge Fees After Work Is Performed – See how the FTC requires Pay After Deletion
  • No Monthly Fees – Our Pricing Is Simple, You Pay After Deletion
  • Nothing Deleted Nothing Paid
  • If We Don’t Have A Clue You Don’t Have A Bill, You ONLY pay if we succeed

But Are We Any Good At Credit Repair?

  • Over 10 Years In The Credit Repair Business Plus an additional 5 years in the Personal and Business Finance world
  • In addition to credit repair we will show you how to rebuild and reestablish your credit
  • Thousands Of Dollars Spent Every Year On Continuing Education
  • Over 20 Advanced Credit Repair Tactics To Get Your Items Removed
  • Then again…….Who cares, you only PAY BASED ON OUR PERFORMANCE……LOL

We Created Our Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Program For 1 Reason!!

Because our customers DEMANDED a results based program they could count on to get results!!!! and results are what we get. Our average client sees about 75% of the items we dispute come off or get corrected on their credit report within 6 short months. The additional remaining items are corrected or removed at a 20%- 25% rate each additional month thereafter. This means if you have 20 items to be removed we could see 15 removed in 6 months and then 1 additional item removed every month thereafter. These numbers are considered one of the highest in the credit repair industry!

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