The Beloved $0 Down USDA Home Loans to get more expensive starting October 1, 2012

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The beloved zero down USDA home loan will now be more expensive starting October 1, 2012. even with this not so great news, it is still one of the best loans available for you. While the upfront fee has increased for refinances, it is not increased for purchases. Bear in mind that with the rates being so low these days, I can pay for this with my service release premium and none of it would be added to your loan amount. the annual or monthly insurance premium is more important to most people because it affects their monthly payment. While this has increased for both purchases and refinances, it has increased only 1/10 of a point. This is still three times cheaper then and FHA loan, which has a rate of 1.25% at 3 1/2% down payment. Remember USDA is $0 down payment and FHA is 3 1/2% minimum down payment, so if your home is a USDA approved area and you are under the County limits for income, you will save more money with the USDA loan than you would with an FHA loan. If you have any questions call me directly at 425-264-7007 warmest regards, Nick Krehnke

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