Three Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

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Three Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value
The best way to increase your home’s value before you sell it is to think like a buyer!  Think back to the time when you were shopping for a new home, or analyze your current experience if you are already looking for your next home.  As a buyer, what features did you look for?  What features attracted you to your current home and helped you to decide that it was the right one for you?

When you think about the features that attracted you, remember that others will most likely find them attractive as well.  However, if you have owned your home for several years or more, it might be time to update some things in order to meet the growing demands of today’s home buyers.

Curb Appeal Draws Potential Buyers to Your Home
Anyone who has ever purchased a home will tell you that the first thing they noticed about the home was how it looked from the outside.  And they will probably also tell you that they drove past many homes before they found a few that piqued their interest.

This is a commonly known fact among real-estate agents.  Buyers appreciate homes that sparkle on the outside and, once they’re drawn inside, they will be very excited to see what else these homes have to offer.

Most of today’s buyers research homes online before they ever make that first drive.  The very first thing buyers are presented with online is a photograph.  Only after the photo has their attention do they begin looking at the details of what the home has to offer.

Take a photograph of your home and look at it objectively, from a buyer’s perspective.  Do the lawn and gardens that are visible from the front of the home appear to be well maintained?  Is the roof in good repair? Are there any sagging gutters?  Do you see debris in the gutters?  What about the windows and exterior paint?  Read the rest of this article here

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