USDA Guaranteed Home Loan Appraisal Process?

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This would be in New York state…I wll be getting my mortgage through the USDA program, but I can’t seem to nail down the home requirements. I am looking for something I can put a little work into, not a total renovation, but I am concerned about how strict the standards are on the home. I read there are no more thermal requirements on USDA loans, but I found something about HUD standards and I don’t know what these would be.

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  • knowitall  says:

    The USDA has gone from food and beef to houses? Where do they put the stamp?

  • dog ma  says:

    Laura --
    Your lender should have all the requirements and be able to provide them to you. The program will not lend on a home that needs substantial work, so make sure you know the requirements before you sign a contract to buy a fixer-upper. If the lender cannot provide requirements, contact your local USDA office (if you can find them); they can point you in the right direction.

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