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National Bank Of Kansas City can help you purchase property in a variety of communities, including some urban. We’re now offering USDA rural home loans in all 50 states. This means that your dreams of owning a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city can easily be achieved. A USDA guaranteed loan is a government-insured 100% purchase loan that helps low to moderate-income households. It’s offered in most all rural communities across the US, and even some urban areas. USDA loans can only be serviced by approved lenders that meet federal guidelines … like us! When you finance your USDA mortgage loan through National Bank Of Kansas City, there’s: • No down payment required • No monthly mortgage insurance • No limits on seller contribution • And flexible credit guidelines Plus, you can benefit from: • 30-year fixed-interest rates • The ability to finance the 2% USDA-required funding fee • And financing the closing costs into the loan Because USDA loan eligibility varies by county, you should call to learn more. We can help determine if you qualify. Or simply visit to apply. National Bank Of Kansas City Simple. Savvy. Sensible. Sophisticated.

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