USDA – Throw This Money

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throw this money

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25 comments to USDA – Throw This Money

  • Subi Chhetri  says:

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  • Exxoticbombshell  says:

    I’m a Panamanian Bytch and I Luv my GA dudes. BBC all day!

  • lash009  says:

    THis song come on in the strip club, Im walkn out brokeeeeeee

  • MrMarlon2011  says:


  • jjwalkerggt  says:

    I guess i gotta exit this video :( LOL

  • MrScoo6y  says:

    real shit. i got to srip clubs for the sport of it.

  • RIPJAYBABY  says:

    lmao!!!! …REALLY

  • RIPJAYBABY  says:

    yesterday i was at a paty they the was throwing money credit cards and checks while i was dancing off diss song!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrScoo6y  says:

    this shit be havin me throwin all my money

  • april adams  says:

    Bet MzTwerkSum would kill this shit, LMAO@ShawtiiDareBadd

  • freeBOOSIE4sUP1  says:

    eeeeeey dis dat one

  • bru3014  says:

    Shorty shake it like she got marakas for a ass!!!

  • DaMnNicKi  says:

    Hell Yeahh..

  • DaMnNicKi  says:


  • DaMnNicKi  says:

    my shhyytttt!!

  • TeamRealieKiddchulo  says:

    We kill thiss inn texas

  • TheJacoblay96  says:

    have yall seen the end of the video funny asa bicth lol

  • Butterflies033  says:

    28 dudes are broke and aint spending shit….. :

  • Rosie Lee  says:

    This is my S**t Love to hear this playing @ a Bar.
    This is a fo sho club banger

  • pinksbaby  says:

    ignorant song but i cant help but dance to the beat!

  • keunnea1  says:


  • MRJORDANFAN1  says:

    Like If You Still Shaking Dat Ass OR Bobbin Ya Head To Dis In 2012

  • JessicaLove1979  says:

    Go Search “Skitzo Gaddafi” THAT BOY GO HARD..He dont rap bout nothing but real shit

  • Luch0219  says:

    money over bitch’s kinky taught me that death be4 dishonor Meechie taught me that!!!! real sht

  • adreyanf  says:


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