USDA- What It Is

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USDA’s song “What It Is” off the Cold Sumer Album


19 comments to USDA- What It Is

  • TheKoodude7  says:

    Dis my shit!

  • eltoneoc77y  says:

    usda >> g-unit

  • yungreezy1987  says:

    and we look stars

  • eltoneoc77y  says:

    g-unit made 3 you tube accounts and disliked this….

  • Tokyuuu  says:

    Good god i used to wear this track out in my scion tC back in the day. True classic to the new school game. THEY CALL ME MR. FLORIDA! HAHA CHYEA!

  • 1KevinJ  says:

    U niggas green azz fuk talkin bout g- unit any wayz

  • DAKIDLOVE  says:

    peanut butter chevy fudge brown guts

  • GabArnMovies  says:

    shout out to CTE -USDA real niggas and for da nigga dat switch bullets for all yalll

  • Kellendaman  says:

    Peanut butter chevy, fudge brown guts….26s on it, that bitch sittin up…45 tucked, the barrel by my nuts….stuff comin down, we finna get it crunk!

  • CarnazWashington  says:

    Best song on the album!!!

  • trimthebush  says:


  • NextNline2BBoss  says:

    Shout Out To Blood Raw!!! He da koolest!! Thanks for the interview!!!

    This song the hardest!!!

  • lunicolone  says:

    This My Shit

  • lunicolone  says:

    This My Shit

  • gingeishere  says:

    2 rite fuk g-unit

  • 4lbert0o  says:

    100% better then G-Unit!

  • Hollastatefam  says:

    hot shit

  • lunicolone  says:

    This Is The Shit Blood Raw Killed It

  • younguchi  says:

    da best song

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