USDA – White Girl

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Music video by USDA performing White Girl. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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23 comments to USDA – White Girl

  • po bisallon  says:

    yep :) good song

  • playboy99er  says:

    tag1989 is gay like if u like pussy

  • playboy99er  says:

    best song ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronna2577  says:

    Have you come out of the closet yet?

  • tag1989  says:

    just like in real life, the black guy picks the UGLIEST white gurls for this video.

  • xBloodXGusherx  says:

    im soo sick of rab. Pop. R&b. scensters. emo kids. the club. the dougie. lil wayne. hell..just about a little of all music but this mainstream shit that is just refurbished year after year is sickening. I feel the idiot in me increasing with every second wasted listening.

  • AntDX316  says:

    1:12-1:13 best looking girl I’ve ever seen

  • AntDX316  says:

    1:05-1:06 is the best part visual wise

  • ultimategeek33  says:

    aaaah damn you vevo censor white the whole fucking song and at the end 3:23 you hear it again . do it right or dont do it …

  • mawlit1  says:

    fuck vevo

  • Rheiana Burtonia  says:

    Ikr !

  • speedgazelle  says:

    I think the only people that wouldnt understand that is the suburban preps trying to act hood

  • chatmanchick  says:

    Ignorant racist people these days. First of all dont refer to black people as NIGGERS! did this video call white people out their name,NO! & maybe if you wasnt so DUMB you would understand that they are talking about Drugs!

  • catchfree84  says:

    white boys mad as fuck 

  • TheSlavicguy  says:

    nigers wont white girl, yo niggers do you wont my shoes in your ass

  • nessa42890ify  says:

    LMfao 2guns ahahahh right

  • biocitygames  says:

    if thats Christina in the vid, she was hot in this vid, not no more

  • GeorgeBonez  says:

    If black guys have all this money then why do they still live in this shithole??? Hahaha Any white girl that wants to ghetto herself DOWN into poverty deserves it..

  • motercyclemelik  says:

    the are talking about coke aka white girl on the street

  • CBizcocho  says:

    does anyone find it weird that all these racists are on a rap video?

  • 100gigem  says:

    wow hip hop video with white girls in it i like that( no offence)

  • sonobenissimo  says:

    ahahahah i aint even mad at how ignant this is. i just love that. coal burnin cave bitches. ahhahahah

  • 2gunzup07  says:

    They talkin about coke not white whores you fck nerds

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