What are the chances of getting approved for USDA home loan?

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Single mother of 3, residing in Ca, full time student with low credit.

4 comments to What are the chances of getting approved for USDA home loan?

  • Iffy  says:

    zero. You need a job and income plus good credit

  • tbaby  says:

    You will need to show that you’ve had steady employment ( they like to see at least 2 years on the current job or in the same industry).

    Credit wise -- while they say they are not credit driven, you will need to show that any delinquencies (sp) are at least 1-2 years old and that you have positive tradelines that show at least a year of on-time payments.

    Bottom line: a Single mother who is a full time student with unresolved financial obligations needs to finish school and begin her career and work on her credit before buying a home. Sorry.

  • Tim  says:

    you probably have a better chance of getting approved for the USDA direct loan.

    You can look up the local office closest to you by going here:


  • Jessi P  says:

    There have been a several options for lending.just you have to choose depending on your purpose.Most people come up with bad credit for a loan.i don’t think it is not hard to get now a days with out having fair credit score.check this is place may be a help to find solution.


    You can get approved for an online loan on same day.i advise you to pick loan from certified lenders .direct loan is the good choice so that you will get at low apr compared to different states…

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