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RealEstateMarketingThisWeek.com – What is a Short Sale? – Short Sale experts discuss How to Negotiate to Stop a Foreclosure… http – Short Sale and Loan Modifications; great alternative to Foreclosure – Kalyn Roberts and Jeri league, welcome to the program. Jeri and Kalyn are short sale experts and have graciously decided to come to the program to discuss some of the short sale important things that people do need to know, and were going to get to all of this short sale information, but a couple of things important to mortgage interest rates. Today is a fantastic day in the mortgage rate world. Leslie and Staci at Velocity Financial were kind enough to put together a scenario for us so listen to this folks. This is not the teaser, this is not the loss leader, this is the real deal as of today, a $417000 loan amount, the interest rate is 4.875%, thats 4.875% that is below 5% obviously, the APR is 4.948% and that is for a no cash out loan, and that is a special rate and we have a certain allotment of loans that were allowed to do at that special rate. If youre interested in talking to a member of my staff or myself or anyone else about that program you would call. There are people there standing by to take your phone call. Were a local licensed firm and one of the only 15% of the mortgage companies in the state of Arizona that is licensed to do FHA loans as well. Any mortgage related needs that you have were here to help but for the next hour were going to be talking about

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