What would payments be on a 200k home USDA loan washington?

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Can anyone direct me to any articles, calculators or tell me how much monthly payments would be on a 200k home with a usda rural housing loan.

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  • Shawn  says:

    Here is a good calculator:


    It allows you to take into account the property tax and homeowners insurance and how it affects your payment. I used it to figure out how much house I could afford when I was looking for my first home.

  • liveinmd  says:

    USDA loans are calculated the same way as other loans. You will need an interest rate to calculate. Bankrate.com has good calculators.

  • Realtyyoudefine  says:

    It depends on how much of a down payment you are making, and your interest rate.

    A good first step would be to go to the USDA website:
    There are many mortgage calculators online, just google “mortgage calculator” and most banks have calculators.
    Here is one that is good:

    Make sure to put in your monthly property tax payments if impounded, as well as PMI and any other costs, like homeowners association.

  • real estate guy  says:

    The rate now is around 4.5%. The factor to use is $5.10 for each $1,000 borrowed.

    So the loan payment would be 5.10 x 200 = $1,020. Plus 1/12 of the taxes and 1/12 of the insurance

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