Why Agents Hate Short Sales?

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Real Estate agents are being faced with the need to do short sales. So why do real estate agents hate short sales? I’ll tell you why they can be very frustrating. One of the Reasons they are so frustrating is that they take so long and you can lose your buyer while you wait for the answer from the bank. If Realtors can change their perspective on this first buyer it can make a big difference in their short sale. Alliance Short Sales in a company that provides: Education for Short Sales, Short sale Processing, Short Sale negotiation training. We would love to help you with your short sales with education, advice or service. Contact us at 509-747-1101. Short Sales suck, help me with my short sale, help with short sales, short sale negotiation, short sale negotiation, short sale negotiation company, short sale processing, I need help with my short sale, what are lenders thinking with a short sale, lenders suck, how do I stop foreclosure, I want to stop my foreclosure (forclosure), I need help with B of A, Banks of America, Chase, Washington Mutual, Country wide, countrywide sucks, What is the number for my lender, HSBC, Customer Service, Aurora, Wells Fargo, Short Sale success, Jessica Side, Matt Side, Alliance Short Sales, Alliance, Real Estate Agent Training, Short Sale Training, Short Sale Training for Realestate Agents, Short Sales in Seattle, Sucess in the Seattle market, Seattle Short Sales, Will a bank do a short sales, what banks do short sales?, will I qualify for a

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25 comments to Why Agents Hate Short Sales?

  • mvrathbun  says:

    @kunkecan I don’t think that’s true at all. I don’t think poorly about agents who don’t do Short Sales, any more than I do those who won’t work with Renters. It’s a business choice and each agent may independently choose how they conduct their business. I don’t work with Buyers, not because I’m lazy but because I prefer Listings -- even Short Sales.

  • DwyerSTC  says:

    So the longer a short sale has been on the market, the better?

  • kunkecan  says:

    Not all of us hate short sales. Some of us are very good at short sales and do a lot of them. The agents that don’t , don’t want to work very hard. We don’t need them

  • vongtayvietnam  says:

    Bank of America? The worst bank in the world. If you buy a house in short sale related to Bank of America, BoA will give you many days in nightmare. Do not waste your time with Bank of America. I wasted more than 100 days with BoA pending approval for a short sale.

  • stopmyforeclosure101  says:

    Hey I know someone that can maybe give you some answers! Check him out at wwwhampghcom

  • amazontweet  says:

    One thing to know is that “short” sales are rarely “short” The name should be changed to Long Sales. Banks that use short sale management companies tend to get faster acceptances and the middle man is eager to make money so things get expedited. Banks are slow in part because of investors they have to deal with. They can’t simply approve offers just because the offers come in. There is a whole process banks have to go through which takes time.

  • MrRyanDoll  says:

    Good video!

  • skyrminor  says:

    The shorted lender will not always send a 1099 to the borrower. In fact, out of 10 short sales it happened to only one of my clients. It’s not an automatic issued thing.

  • TheCREATIVELY  says:

    hello well we been waiting almost a year to get the house and that is frustrating and is a short sale and what do you think about that that is frustrating for us and waiting for months so what you think we should do

  • UnitedPetition  says:

    what they don’t tell you is that when you short sale a property. The loss will be considered income. They send you a 1099 misc income statement. Then you will owe the taxes to the federal government. Taxes can not be discharged in a bankruptcy. Meaning you will owe them those taxes for the rest of your life. It is all one more scam

  • oddsox1919  says:

    good info, thanks Jessica

  • crypled  says:

    REA’s should work hard no matter what the outcome. It’s not all about “Beth” A…B…C…

  • bachlogic1  says:

    That is correct. The deposit is refundable on the 91st day if the buyer wants to “walk” from the deal. This way, you know if you have a serious buyer or not.

  • alanthamilton  says:

    When you say “non-refundable” I take it you mean non refundable for the 90 days…if the offer is not accepted the binder deposit is refunded …correct?

  • WannaTalkMoney  says:

    Good video

  • bachlogic1  says:

    The selling agent who is doing their job, will ALWAYS ask for a 90 day NON refundable earnest deposit.. The reason is, simply stated, that it shows INTENT on the buyer’s behalf and that they aren’t out there lobbing offers on multiple properties. If they are unwilling to put a “good faith” earnest deposit into escrow, they weren’t a real buyer to begin with. ALL of my listings require this and I have all serious buyers. I hope that explains it.

  • lasoulrecordz  says:

    Cannot hear audio very well in this video

  • completehomerealty  says:

    Great way to look at the situation. I use an investor to start the process (her company also negotiaties the short sale). If she can buyt the property-god bless. If she can’t, she’s at least got me to the same point you spoke about:)

  • completehomerealty  says:

    Contact her broker and tell what you are experiencing

  • alteregoprincess  says:

    That’s not enough to get somebody’s license suspended. I don’t even think you can break the contract with your agent if he/she is not very proactive.
    Besides, the sellers agent is just as bad.
    It’s pretty much impossible to find an agent who’d be excited about a short sale.

  • foxybrown2  says:

    @alteregoprincess you can get this agents license suspended because there is a law of due dilligence that all realtors are suppose to go by they are always suppose to do there best to sell your property

  • guitardrummer87  says:

    Great video. It’s always good to have multiple buyers lined up before ANY deal closes. So if it falls through, you know exactly who to contact.

  • alteregoprincess  says:

    We’re trying to buy a short sale and we’re facing a different problem -- lazy real estate agent. She won’t make phone calls unless we’re harassing her. Its frustrating.

  • TrentSlatton  says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have closed 100% of the short sale listings I have taken and by getting the buyers deposit and putting the property into pending status, it shows commitment on both sides. Buyer can still always cancel their offer if they are not serious, but at least they know where they stand. It works for me and I fell it is fair to the buyer as well.

  • Lyssiepoo04  says:

    Why would you do that?? Why would a buyer want to lock up Earnest Money when the bank has not approved their deal? Who cares if seller signed contract it has to be approved by bank THEN i would give earnest money..

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