Zero Down Home Loans – the USDA 100% mortgage

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As a loan originator, I get lots of questions from home buyers and Realtors about 100% financing. After the recent home mortgage meltdown crisis, nearly all 100% financing options went bye-bye. USDA, however, did not! There are a few basic limitations, however. The main two are income limitations (maximum family income of a family 1-4 people is roughly $75000 in Indiana), and location (house must be located in an approved area). Here’s the link to the maximum income limits for Indiana: And here’s the link to see if the house you’re considering qualifies location-wise: For questions about the USDA program, FHA loans, VA loans, and every other conceivable type of home loan / home mortgage program, please contact me, Chris Sanderson, the Tech Savvy Lender, at 260-414-3511 or For more home buying and refinancing tips, please head over to To your abundant success, Chris Sanderson

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